A Few Words About Us

Setting the standards of beauty care for more than 30 years:

Edimi is renowned for bringing advanced skincare and expertise to consumers through luxury spas and salons worldwide. Led by Dr. Michael Tick, a biochemist, laboratory director for The Institute for Skin Sciences and founder of Edimi, scientists have developed products with formulas combining well-being and technology for a positive transformation effect on body and mind.

Edimi continues to set the pace with innovative collections featuring herbs, botanical actives and certified organics.

Edimi was created as a result of a myriad of combined passions of a doctor in Bio-Chemistry, such as Herbalist, Naturopathic, Holistic, Homeopathic, who has succeeded in bridging the gap between science and nature to develop effective alternatives for results-oriented skincare without the use of chemicals or drugs.

Edimi's goal is to provide natural skincare solutions to common skincare issues. The secrets to organic skincare are hidden in the healing power of nature and the appropriate applications of natural solutions.

As practicing herbalists, Edimi understands the healing power of nature. Our products are "hand mixed" in small batches to insure the maximum of freshness and potency, and all our herbal and natural botanical tinctures, tonics and creams are made by hand.

Today, Edimi's comprehensive face and body products provide a single source to exceed both the professional spa and the consumer's quest for finding well-being and skin health.

Why Edimi?


Let's Talk pH

You already know what that means… it is the balance between the acid and alkaline levels in the human body, both internally, and externally on the skin. When the body and skin have a balanced pH, they become healthier and more beautiful. All Edimi products are pH balanced!

Let's Talk absorption.

The ability of a body care cream or lotion to effectively provide results is directly proportional to how deep it absorbs. Topical applications must be able to absorb to the lowest endangered layer to help relieve and support the tissue. Edimi understands absorption.

Edimi has history

Edimi was developed over 30 years ago in a biochemist laboratory. It's products are made of botanicals and herbs that have been cultivated organically, both in the USA and internationally, from Mother Nature. Having been tested on real people and perfected by an integrated team of botanists, herbologists, biochemists, pharmacologists, naturopaths, homeopaths, dermatologists, MD's, and life-long skin researchers, Edimi is in a class of it's own.